New film with death row exoneree: watch and help us spread the word

-What are you going to do when youexecute an innocent man---Anthony Ray Hinton. Exonerated after30 yrs as an innocent man on death row#OneIsTooMany #DeathPenaltyFail

When working to end the death penalty, it’s easy to get caught up in a lot of statistics: billions of dollars wasted, hundreds of innocents sentenced to die, scores of lives torn apart. The numbers are powerful reminders of the human cost of the death penalty system. But nothing is quite as powerful as hearing from someone who spent years on death row for a crime he didn’t commit.

That’s why our latest film is about Anthony Ray Hinton, an innocent man who spent thirty years on Alabama’s death row. Anthony’s story is an incredible reminder of the real people whose lives are destroyed by this system. It also provides a glimpse of hope to see how someone can find strength and meaning once their freedom is returned.

Please watch our powerful video  of Anthony Ray Hinton, in his own words. Then, we need your help to get it in front of as many people as possible.

We’re organizing a Thunderclap for next Monday, October 10: World Day Against the Death Penalty. Using Thunderclap, you can help get the video in front of a massive number of people and get them fired up to end the death penalty.  

Will you join our movement, and help get this incredible message out?

Stories like Anthony’s help people understand the inherent injustice of the death penalty system. They can even turn opponents into allies. That’s more important now than ever, when people in California, Nebraska, and Oklahoma are voting on the death penalty this election.

Please watch and share this video today, to help strengthen our fight to end the death penalty.


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